Last thing you would want at the end of a LASIK or a PRK procedure is a debris or lint on the interface.

Duvet LASIK PVA Spears are premium surgical sponges for rapid absorption of surface fluids during LASIK and other ophthalmic procedures.

4 Reasons WHY Duvet Spears are preferred by top refractive surgeons.

Duvet spears are super absorbent – helps you with a dry surface prior to laser exposure. A dry surface always ensures there is no loss of fluence due to moisture.

Duvet spears are super soft- facilitates a gentle massaging of the cornea after the procedure.

Duvet Spears does not leave any debris or lint on the surface. Confidently place your trust on Duvet Spears. The same trust placed by 200+ lasik surgeons

Though a simple surgical accessory, Duvet Spears  greatly influences the outcome of the surgical procedure every time with high levels of repeatability.

Consider the Benefits

Our PVA Range to support you in refractive surgical procedures

Duvet LASIK Spears is the preferred choice for more than 200+ LASIK Surgeons and used by 80+ LASIK Vision Correction Centers and Top Eye Hospitals across India. 

Product Specifications


Duvet PVA LASIK Spears




PVA Spears/Disc/Ring for fluid management during Ophthalmic surgical procedures

  • Sterile Pouch
  • Very High quality material
  • 3 year shelf life.
  • Does not leave any debris on the surface.
  • Lint Free. Does not leave any particles on the interface.
  • 4Key Benefits
  • Singles Pack-Convenient to use.
  • Tear Notch makes it easier to open the sachet.
  • Duvet Wipes help reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Duvet Wipes are soothing and soft and is made of 100% biodegradable material
  • Duvet is your safest choice for mild and gentle cleansing of the external eye lids.
  • Fall back on a comfort of a product which offers utmost safety.
  • 5Safety Information

    Safety Information

    • Do not use the packets if you find them damaged.
    Packing Details.
  • Duvet Spears
  • Shipper box contains 25 pouches of Duvet Spears. Each tyvek pouch contains 10 spears packed in two aluminum foils
  • WeXL PVA Disc
  • Shipper box contains 25 pouches of Wexl PVA Disc.Each tyvek pouch contains 1 disc
  • WeXL PVA Ring
  • Shipper box contains 25 pouches of Wexl PVA Ring.Each tyvek pouch contains 1 ring
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