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Duvet Wipes

Duvet Wipes- Sterile Cleansing Wipes for Post-Op hygiene. Each Box contains 24 individually wrapped sachets containing 6×10 cm 50GSM spunlace non woven wipes impregnated with Ultrapure water and Gamma Sterilized for your Safety

Three Sizes

Gamma Sterile

Purified Water Wipes

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Finest Range of PVA Products

Highly Absorbent Lint free Imported PVA Spears, PVA Disc, PVA Ring each for specialized application during refractive procedures

Duvet Spears is the preferred PVA Sponge by over 200 LASIK Surgeons across India. Duvet Spears are super premium lint free, gamma sterile products offering top class fluid absorption during refractive surgery procedures.

Duvet Spears

For fluid absorption during Refractive surgeries

Wexl PVA Disc

Safest choice during Mitomycin application in refractive procedures

Wexl PVA Ring

9mm ID PVA Ring shields the Limbal area from radiation. Finds use in refractive and C3R procedures

Equipment Rentals

Phaco Handpiece and Foot Pedal Repair

We offer repair services for Phaco Handpieces and Foot Pedals of all models of Phaco machines.

6 months warranty

Quick turnaround time

100% Satisfied Customers

World Class Facility

Tissue Sealants

Tissue Sealants for Ophthalmic Graft Procedures

Tisseel Lyo 2ml

Tisseel Lyo Finrin sealant from Baxter

Amcrylate 0.25ml

Cyano Acrylate Glue for tissue repair.