You don't have to break your emergency fund for replacing a defective Phaco Handpiece


We will repair it for you.

The Specs

We undertake repair of Phaco Handpieces of most of the major and most commonly used Imported Phaco machines ( Alcon, J&J, Oertli, Optikon, Zeiss, B&L). We have a world class Testing and repairing centre in Ahmedabad. The end-to-end quality process ensures that the repaired handpieces works as efficiently as the new handpiece

  • 6 month warranty
  • Sockets, Cables, Crystals completely replaced
  • 10 day Turnaround time
  • If you observe more frequent handpiece errors, could be you need to throroughly check the temprerature controls in your autoclave unit and the autoclave protocol itself. It is not recommended to use flash autoclave just prior to usage as frequent expansion and contraction of the Piezo-Electric crystals may harm the working of the handpiece and result in tuning errors.

    We have infinite reasons, but consider the following 8 to engage with us.

    • 10 day turn-around time

    • Piezo Electric Crystals Replaced

    • New Cables and Connector Sockets

    • Over 1000+ HP Serviced

    • 100's of Happy Customers

    • Stringent Quality Processes

    • Handled by Experienced Engineers

    • Not just Handpieces, even foot pedals