About us

Our story

We began our journey in the field of Surgical Ophthalmology in 2010. Prior to that I had a rich experience of 13 years in the same domain. I have worked closely with surgeons and introduced some unique therapies during this period. 

We take pride in our position to provide application support, OR assistance, hands-on training, wetlab sessions for some of the solutions we have. 

We continue this journey with the support of our customers who mean everything to us and also the reason why we exist in the first place. 

Looking forward to working with you. 

N Kathirvel



We work closely with 800+ Surgeons, Eye Clinics, Network Eye Hospitals, Tertiary Care Eye Hospitals and more.

We serve our customers directly across the five southern states and operate through distributors in Maharashtra, New Delhi and West Bengal

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    Duvet Wipes- Our Brand Story

    Over the years of working closely with eye clinics,  we have observed the difficulty the patients have to comply with when counselors and surgeons advise cotton+boiled water for a good post-op care and hygiene. 

    To address this problem and also with the urge to give a high quality standardised product, we launched Duvet Wipes in 2014. And thus we were the first to Introduce Sterile Wet wipes for Post-op hygiene in India.

    We started initially with direct imports. We received overwhelming support from Ophthalmic Surgeons and Eye Hospitals. With the demand growing we soon transitioned to domestic contract manufacturing. 

    To have a more tighter control on quality and widen our product offering,  we decided to set up our manufacturing facility for Sterile Wet wipes. Duvet wipes  falls under the  classification Medical Devices for wound cleansing applications.  We comply with the CDSCO norms for manufacture and sale of Duvet Wipes in our State-of-the-art Medical Device manufacturing facility in Chennai. 

    Our facility in Chennai currently manufactures Duvet Wipes exclusively along with its brand extensions Duvet XL and Duvet Ultra. 

    Duvet Wipes enjoys the support of 800+ Ophthalmologists across India and remains the most trusted brand for Post-op hygiene. We take this trust placed on us very seriously and stay responsible to give in return a very safe product your patients can use for their Post-op Hygiene. 

    How we add value...

    Our products represent a tiny niches in Ophthalmology. Hundreds of surgeons have used our expertise where we provide application support inside OR in therapy areas of Collagen Cross Linking for treatment of Keratoconus, Femto Assisted Intra Corneal Ring Implantation, Dry Eye Therapy with Thermal Pulsation, Keratoplasty Procedures, Tissue adhesives for Corneal Graft Surgeries.

    In our quest to operate in the emerging niches and therapy areas we strive to bring newer innovations to our customers which will benefits them in extending superior patient care.