Safest Post-Op Wipes from the leaders of Post-Op Hygiene

Early Morning sticky eyes, crusting precipitates bothers your post operative patients no end.

Not any more with Duvet-Sterile Wet Wipes.

World bid a good bye to Dry Gauze/Cotton + Sterile/boiled Water 10 years ago, 2014 to be precise, when Duvet Wipes was launched.

DUVET Wipes are manufactured in India in a ISO 13485 Certified plant under a fully automated process in a Clean room environment. 

The protocols and documentation we follow ensures several checks and measures in various stages of manufacturing aimed at delivering a world class product.

We have 4 variants that might suit your specific need.

Duvet Ultra (20x20cm Wipe) for example specifically addressed the need for cleaning the face especially during the first few days following the surgery.

Check our specs below for more detailed information on the Product  and its variants Duvet Wipes 24s/12s,  Duvet XL 24s and Duvet Ultra 6s.

Product Specifications
Available Pack Sizes

Duvet Wipes 24's Pack

Duvet Wipes 12's Pack

Duvet XL Wipes 24's Pack

Duvet Ultra Wipes 6's Pack

Spunlace Non Woven wipes impregnated with Pure Water and packed in Hermetically sealed sachets Duvet Wipes are specially made to gently cleanse external eyelids and lashes, remove sticky residue and refresh during the post-op period. Each wipe is individually wrapped. Its additionally sterilised for your safety.

Duvet Wipes 24's /12's Pack - 6x10cm Wipe

Duvet XL Wipes 24's Pack - 10x12cm Wipe

Duvet Ultra Wipes 6's Pack - 20x20cm Wipe

  • Singles Pack.
  • Very High quality wipe material which is gentle on the skin.
  • Safe to clean sensitive skin areas like External eye lids,
  • 3 year shelf life.
  • Does not leave any debris on the surface.
  • Alcohol Free.
  • Lint Free. Cleans without leaving any fibre strands.
  • Singles Pack-Convenient to use.
  • Tear Notch makes it easier to open the sachet.
  • Duvet Wipes help reduce the risk of cross contamination.
  • Duvet Wipes are soothing and soft and is made of 100% biodegradable material
  • Duvet is your safest choice for mild and gentle cleansing of the external eye lids.
  • Fall back on a comfort of a product which offers utmost safety.
  • Using clean hands, tear open sachet and unfold wipe.
  • Gently wipe the eye area from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
  • Use a fresh wipe for each eye.
  • Discard wipe after use.
  • Do not reuse.
  • Safety Information

  • Duvet wipes is a external cleansing wipe. It does not contain any drug or chemical. It does not produce any therepeutic effect on the area it is used.
  • Do not apply the wipe directly to the eye.
  • Do not use the packets if you find them damaged.
  • Packing Details.
  • 24’s pack and 12’s pack.
  • Shipper carton of 60 monocartons for 24’s pack.
  • Shipper carton of 120 monocartons for 12’s pack.
  • Shipper carton of 56 monocartons for 24’s pack.
  • Sale: b2b to hospitals and registered medical practitioners.
  • MOQ: 1 carton.
  • Custom Post-op kit offering utmost convenience and compliance

    Our custom Post-Op kit allows you to customize the contents of the Post-Op Kits.  We have developed this kit with an idea to facilitate branding of your clinic.

    We will be too glad to help you shoot the Post-Op instructions and place a QR code of the video link. This will help the patient to see the video by scanning the QR code whenever they feel the need for listening to the instructions any number of times.


    Product Specifications
    Post Op Kits offer convenience of having all the products used during the post-operative care contained in one box. It helps the user or caregiver to easily adhere to the regiment with clearly visible instructions of the protocols for hand hygiene, cleaning of the areas around the eye, instillation of eye drops etc.

    Basic Post Op Kit contains a pack of Duvet/Duvet XL Wipes, Duvet Ultra Wipes, Hand Sanitizer in a 100ml bottle, Protective Eye Wear. Optionally some clinics prefer to add Eye shield and Medical Adhesive tapes in the Kit. The kit has been designed to accommodate the Eye drops and other prescription medication recommended by the surgeon for the post op care.

  • Available as a premium Magnetic Lid Cardboard Boxes Custom Designed.
  • Clearly printed usage instructions
  • Intuitive placement of the contents helps using the products in the right sequence.
  • Very High quality container designed for repeat usage.
  • Better Compliance to Post op medication Protocol
  • Intuitive Instruction infographic helps in better compliance.
  • Helps store all the components of good post-op care in a single box
  • Proteo Protective Eye Wear and Hand Sanitizer

    Product Specifications-Goggles
    Premium protective eye wear to safely protect the eyes from any physical airborne dust or debris. The eyewear is available in Black and Transparent shades.
  • Wrap Around Shape.
  • Snugly fits any head size.
  • Unisex
  • Burr Free design. Easily slides without hurting the wrinkled skin in the senior patients.
  • Rugged poly carbonate material.
  • Clearly printed usage instructions
  • Intuitive placement of the contents helps using the products in the right sequence.
  • Very High quality container designed for repeat usage.
  • For use during the Post Op Care following Eye Surgeries.
    Product Specifications- Hand Sanitizer
    Steriwipe Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol or IPA Based Hand Sanizer packed in 100ml bottle with flip cap.
  • Each 100ml bottle contains WHO Recommended formula for Hand Sanitizer.
  • Clearly printed usage instructions
  • Intuitive placement of the contents helps using the products in the right sequence.
  • Very High quality container designed for repeat usage.
  • For use in hand hygiene prior to cleaning the eyes or Instilling eye drops during the Post Op Care following Eye Surgeries.